Sephardische Melodie


Stefan Hunstein of the Munich Kammerspiele confronted on Friday the pre-Christmas visitors flock to the Death Fugue by Paul Celan. Dancer of the Bavarian State Ballet Maged Mohamed continued this preoccupation with the Nazi extermination of the Jews in order to dance. Susanne Gargerle and Mark Lawson, both from the Bavarian State Orchestra, played the melody of the Sephardic Israeli composer Paul Ben-Haim and the Deux Mélodies hébraiques by Maurice Ravel.





Solo version Danced by Soudai Hanamura Student by Hungarian Dance academy.


Paradies Dance Piece made for Noverre Gesellschaft Stuttgart 2015 danced by Stuttgart Prima Ballerina :Alicia Amatriain with Ensemble men from Bavarian Stete ballet Munich / Germany.

Theme : To push our souls to the valley of happiness, to lead us to our limits of customs and traditions, and the fear of happiness itself. In our lives we dream of a paradise of happiness but we are losing the dream because we don’t have the knowledge to enable our happiness. We imagine and force upon ourselves a paradise beyond the bride’s white dress and miss the real paradise that lies within our souls.

Copyright ​© Maged Mohamed. All rights reserved

Photos by.  Nicha Rodboon , Charles Tandy ,  Marco Kern and others.